Royal Coatings

Royal Coatings manufactures protective coatings for industrial and marine applications. Our corporate headquarters is in New Orleans, Louisiana. We currently manufacture our protective coatings at 5 locations across the U.S. and have expanded our facility five times in the last 28 years.

Our worldwide distribution and representative network allow us to support projects on every continent. Some of the industries we currently serve are marine, oil & gas, and general infrastructure.

Large offshore drilling oil rig plant

Our History

Royal Coatings was founded in 1992 by engineer and businessman Owen Jones to develop technologies to improve worker safety. Jones noticed workers frequently being injured when applying hot oils and greases for corrosion protection to the inside of barges. Void Kote™, our water-based protective coating, was soon developed and adopted across various industries. Today, two out of every three barges on the Mississippi River have been coated with Royal Coatings products.

Our Products

We make all of our coatings in the USA across our 5 manufacturing locations. Our global customers can be confident that our products’ quality and performance are consistent, regardless of manufacturing location. Our manufacturing facilities are certified and audited by various regulatory bodies, such as NSF, American Bureau of Shipping, United Laboratories, and Lloyds.

Each of our technologies aims to improve worker safety, decrease dry times, and receive non-dangerous goods classification for expedited worldwide shipping.

Flash-Dry Technology

Flash-Dry Technology

Flash Dry Technology is a proprietary formulation method that drastically reduces the dry time and cure time of our coatings. Each coating matrix is architecturally designed with selective particle geometry. Forcing water to release faster and resins to react quicker means productivity and efficiency benefits to our customers.

Non-Dangerous Goods

Non-Dangerous Goods

Our coatings are shipped worldwide by air, which reduces transit time, complexity, and cost. Each coating formulation has been independently reviewed and certified to be non-regulated and non-dangerous goods by USDOT standards.



We design every product to be safe for the customer and safe for the environment. Our coatings are evaluated at independent laboratories to ensure the safety of people, animals, and aquatic life.

Advanced Research Laboratory

All 5 manufacturing facilities have the equipment for testing and analyses, with our corporate headquarters having the most robust capabilities. In 2015, our 1,500 square-foot research wing was completed and equipped with advanced application and testing instruments. Expanding our research capabilities has allowed Royal Coatings to offer an even greater global support level to our customers. While we can measure most coating properties, corrosion protection research is at the forefront of our current research practices.

Our Certifications

We hold a number of certifications that demonstrate our manufacturing quality:

UL Potable


ballast tank

(MATS 3841/3)

ABS Design Assessment


61 & 372


Our Leadership

Royal Coatings is proud to play a role in protecting assets around the world for customers who trust our team and technology. As our customers’ needs have grown and changed, we have met needs through our endurance, loyalty, and strength as a team. A partnership with Royal Coatings means gaining access to everything we have to offer, including our most important asset: our employees.

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